Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Matt D’Amour’s Yumbutter venture continues to grow

Matt D’Amour ’00 and business partner Adrian Reif launched the Yumbutter brand from farmers’ markets to grocery stores in 2011. Their company, located in Madison,  recently merged with two others: RP’s Pasta Company, owned by Peter Robertson of Madison, and Ona Treats of Colorado. The umbrella company is Tribe 9.

Matt said the reason for the merger was to “leverage our resources on all fronts: human resources, financial resources, manufacturing resources, distribution resources.” He also notes that the primary thing Yumbutter brings to the newly formed Tribe 9 is marketing prowess. “We shine at being able to express, create and inspire people with an amazing story. We bring the innovation in terms of pushing the envelope with the sustainability aspect, and making sure we can infuse Tribe 9 with that as well.”

An entrepreneur at heart, Matt started out helping his parents with their business, then formed a landscaping company with college friends, and then founded his own holistic health practiced titled “Inside Out Wellness” after that. He continues his interest in natural, locally sourced foods and wellness at Yumbutter, where Matt’s title is Chief Wellness Carrier.

Read the full article by Lindsay Christians in The Capital Times.

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