Thursday, April 6, 2017

Class of 1992 — Share Your Memories!

You're celebrating a big year — Your 25th Anniversary Reunion! Make sure to mark your calendar for Aug 4-5 and look for more details on the EHS Alumni Reunion Page.


In the News
​Bill Clinton defeats incumbent
Pres. ​George W. ​Bush
Mall of America​ constructed

From Your Wallet
Gallon of Gas - $1.13
Loaf of Bread - $1.50
​New Car - $16,900​

Popular Movies
Home Alone 2
Wayne’s World

On Your Walkman 
Pearl Jam
​Boyz II Men​
Peter Gabriel

Big on the Little Screen
Ren & Stimpy
Law & Order
Married...with Children​

Can​ you remember​ your favorite song from Prom?
Post a picture of your favorite EHS moment and be sure to tag your friends!

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